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About UsVifaqul Makatibul quraniya vaniyambadi

The aim of this institute is to impart basic religious education to men, women and children irrespective of their affiliation. May all people succeed in both worlds. And may this work become common in the whole world. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing.

For this, a website and an online system are being set up through which people can make full use of it. There are about 190 million Muslims in the world and 200 million in India, of which about 10 percent offer their prayers. Teach them to pray and make them worshipers before death comes to them.

This project is ten years old. Inshallah it will be completed in ten years. We pray to Allah Almighty to grant him the honor of acceptance and to make this work common and complete.  Blessed are those who memorize their children and think for the success of this world and the hereafter by connecting them with the school and teaching them religious and moral training.
May Allah Almighty accept us all for the service of religion and exalt us with the wealth of good end. Amen

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